The ConTempo restaurant is in the fast casual segment. The concept allows elements of customer involvement in the preparation of the food being ordered. In this way, we preserve the individuality of each client’s taste preferences. ConTempo type of restaurant can be placed between the casual restaurants and the fast food restaurants. This is a new type of a restaurant where attention is paid to the quality and the taste of the food. The cuisine is Italian, the most popular and loved by contemporary young urban people. Our mission is incorporated in our slogan:

“The food makes me happy”


ConTempo is an Italian restaurant of the type Show Cooking, the food is prepared in front of the customers in a cozy, pleasant, informal and modern atmosphere. There are no waiters at the restaurant. Customers visit the various specialty preparation points themselves and order from the wide choice of salads, soups, fresh pasta, pizza, and risotto. They observe and are in a constant contact with the chefs, and they can freely change the ingredients of their dishes according to their individual taste and desire.


The interior is contemporary, casual, glowing with warmth and comfort. All cooking appliances are professional and from reputable world manufacturers. The pizza oven is on wood. It maintains a constant temperature of 350o C. The restaurant is located on an area of 330 square meters and has 250 seats, most of them are located on an outside panoramic terrace with a view to the Vitosha Mountain. Our guests are modern, active, young people. They enjoy life, giving great importance to the good healthy food and striving always to be one step ahead of the rest.


Here you will find freshly baked on-site traditional Bulgarian banitsa, unique croissants with butter and various types of home-made sweets, chocolate, cheese and Italian salami.  There is always aromatic Italian coffee, as well as various types of tea, fresh drinks and soft drinks.


Each of our guests can enjoy a wide range of healthy aromatic soups and salads. Authentic Italian home-made dough with yeast at slow fermentation, baked in a wood oven and on fire. A variety of lasagna, ciabatta bread and crispy focaccia. Different types of Italian meat specialties. For connoisseurs, a glass of specially selected wine or beer is a must! It is impossible to describe our desserts in words. You just have to try them.


Each of our guests is welcome to a traditional Italian dinner. In addition, you can enjoy various types of meat prepared according to Italian recipes, as well as aromatic barbecue temptations. Once again a glass of wine or beer is a must.

We are expecting you!

Sofia, 2 Donka Ushlinova Str., Garitage Park, building 2,

+359 888 232 047

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